Technical Services

Lab Biotech provides intermediary services to domestic and overseas enterprises in the industry at the technical and project level. CRO enterprises can use the lab-lab platform and the Lab Biotech to find partners by means of online and offline business negotiations. Our companies and partners will assist all parties in the project to facilitate a successful completion of such projects.

Lab-lab platform selects high-quality businesses, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, convenient and efficient integrated services. Our platform is based on the market's existing offline technical service process. We offer both standardized and customized technical service contract templates, enabling online submission of service requirements and offline completion of experimental content.

Our successful trading cases: 1、We helped to complete a project between Nonagen Bioscience Inc. and Rendong Medical. They signed a phased agreement on Nonagen's early multiprotein screening program for bladder tumors. 2、Lab Biotech has successfully helped a number of Chinese domestic enterprises to complete antibody sequencing services. 3、Lab Biotech serves as a agent for many Chinese domestic CRO enterprises in  North America market’s BD services.

Technical Services



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